Abnormal Psychology in the Movies

Part 1- Give a short synopsis of the movie

Part 2- Using the DSM-5 create a diagnosis for the main character in the movie.

Part 3- Provide a treatment plan utilizing evidence-based treatment interventions. Be very precise and

detailed in what the treatment would entail. Treatment plan should include 1. type of treatment. 2. length of

treatment. 3.Specific methodology used in the treatment. 4. Benefits and possible negative outcomes of the

evidence- based treatment for the client.

Part 4. Conclusion

Provide a critique of your diagnosis

What limitations and or strengths exist in your analysis of the main character in the film that you choose.

What difficulties did you experience in creating a diagnosis

What tool/ skills would improve your ability to diagnose the main character.

Lastly, if the movie character had been successful in getting the treatment you have described, how would

the change in this character have affected the outcome of the story line in this movie?


A Beautiful Mind

Shutter Island

The Machinist

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Fight Club

Secret Window

Sample Solution

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