Critical Thinking Essay

Read the article below from the British journal, New-scientist. Then, write an opinion essay of approximately 600 words on the topic of voting. Your essay should, at least in part respond to the New-scientist article (don’t forget to summarize it!), comment on the statistics put forth, use at least one additional fact from that New-scientist article, and use at least three vocabulary words, including the nouns “disenfranchisement” and “negemony” along with the verb/noun “gerrymander.” Make sure you provide a clear thesis statement for your essay.Note also the year in which this essay was written. What has changed since that time? Does this affect your thesis? The article can be found at this
link:https: /‘‘mg22630203-900-black-lives-matter-premature-deaths-skew-us-election-results/#. VY SUaRtViHg
Vocabulary words: skew, deeply entrenched, mortality rates, gubernatorial election, disenfranchised, marginalized. hegemony, gerrymandering

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