How to be an effective professional

In order to be an effective professional, one must keep current with the industry and technology. This is solely the responsibility of the person to continue their own education. In relationship to that responsibility, each student will be required to articles-relating to the subject matter and topics from this course and their own interests. These submissions must be typed and will be graded on demonstrated critical thinking. Expected length is about one page. Articles must be from a manufacturing or business related journal; publication or professional website and no older than 2 years old. One person at random will be asked to present their article during a 5 minute in-class presentation. The papers should: State the subject and briefly summarize the important points. Discuss the impact of the concepts identified in the article on industry and/or individual companies. You either agree or disagree and defend your position. Suggest how the ideas can be used. Identify the source of the article, or provide a copy so that it can be obtained easily.

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