Micro environmental challenges.

In preparation for the assignment, below is a recommended structure for the report for the main body in *
terms of sections to include and the type of information that it could contain. The word count is for guidance

Introduction to retail. This is to demonstrate to the reader that you have an understanding of the basic
concepts of retail and some basic information about fashion retail. (About 150 words)

Introduction to the company. Clearly identify the chosen fashion retailer, the relative size and position within
the market. The retailer needs to have physical bricks and mortar stores (although they may also have an
online presence), the retailers are large and have multiple stores. (About 250 words)

Key relevant changes within the UK fashion retail. Identifying the key relevant changes in the macro-
environment. Conducting a PESTLE analysis would be a good place to start. Any PESTLE analysis table
should be put in the appendix. (About 600 words)

Relevant changes within the micro environment. Relevant changes within the micro environment, for
example competitors with specific examples, also need to be identified and discussed. (About 400 words)
Suggest and discuss strategies and tactics that could be used. Using 2 to 4 key relevant changes (from the
macro environmental analysis) that have been identified as the most relevant/biggest influence on the
chosen retailer are to be highlighted. Using theories/ideas/concepts/etc. that have been covered in the
module material and additional research, strategies and tactics that the retailer could employ are to be
discussed and analysed. Also do the same, to a lesser extent, for 1 or 2 micro environmental challenges.
(About 750 words)

Recommendations. From the previous work, make recommendations that the retailers could use to meet
the challenges. (About 225 words)

Conclusion. A summary of the work to neatly wrap it all up. (About 125 words)

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