Opioid Drug Category

NO LESS THAN 4 SOURCES AND ONLY ONE CAN BE FROM THE INTERNET. This is a drug category paper for someone who is a chemical dependency counseling major.

  1. Drugs that fall into the opioid drug category
  2. History of the opioid drug category or drugs in the category
  3. Street names of the drugs
  4. Drug appearances
  5. Ingestion methods
  6. Drug duration of action
  7. Physical and Psychological effects
  8. Withdrawal symptoms
  9. Method of addiction treatment frequently used to treat opioid-addicted individuals including relapse
  10. The appropriate type of support group referral for opioid addiction
  11. Counseling techniques used for opioid addicts
  12. Up-to-date recovery and relapse statistics for opioid addiction

The conclusion should be an opinion on the widely used treatment method for opioid addiction, whether it is effective or not and reasoning should be supported. Why would you, would you not use this treatment method and what would you do to improve treatment

Sample Solution

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