The Electronic Data Systems

The Electronic Data Systems (EDS) corporation sold out to Hewlett Packard in 2009. However, their commercials are still available online. Watch the commercials below. As you watch, consider what it is that the EDS corporation is trying to communicate and who they are communicating to.
Part 1
What do you think that EDS was trying to communicate? Just by watching their commercials, what kind of customers do you think they catered to?
How do you think EDS would do if they were still in business today? What would need to be different?
Part 2
Pretend for a moment that you are tasked with dreaming up a new commercial idea for EDS. What would it be like? That is, describe your idea for am commercial with enough detail that the class can visualize it.
Watch the following videos:

  1. EDS an HP Company Cat Herders: https:/
  2. EDS Airplane: https:/ gepfg
  3. EDS Suki Commercial: https:/Avww.
  4. EDS — Evolution: https:/Avww. youtube. comAwatch?v=38LnGgIpEUO
  5. EDS TV Commercial — Train: https:/ QO
  6. EDS Commercial — IT Department: https:/Avww. youtube. com/watch?v=MquZlyCEKIO
  7. EDS TV Commercial — Let’s Get to Work: https:/Avww.
  8. EDS TV Commercial — Super Car: https:/Avww. 8fvws-Z6r0
  9. EDS TV Commercial — Fork Lift: nttps:/Avww.

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