Tore layout design” specifically Planning and Optimizing Warehouse Layout For Supply Chain Impact.

This is a paper for a Supply Chain logistic major. The topic is regarding store layout design” specifically Planning and Optimizing Warehouse Layout For Supply Chain Impact.

The guidelines are below. Please follow closely.

  1. Cover Page: Name of the project topic, your names and date. Purpose of your submission
  2. Executive Summary: Start with a statement covering the contents of the case analysis. Include a brief assessment of the situation, strategic recommendation and expected results of recommended strategy. Do not exceed one and a half pages. This should be the last section you work on.
  3. Problem Statement (i.e. Introduction): Identify the business problems. Provide narrowed topic which is core and concise.
  4. Analysis and Evaluation: This section should consist of data sources, data characteristics, and cleaning process. You should analyze the data in an ethical and appropriate manner to answer your questions and support your evaluation with facts. You should demonstrate your ability to develop relevant tables and figures and discuss the results. You are at liberty to choose methods and techniques for your analysis.
  5. Recommendation: Recommend your business plan based on identified alternatives and findings. It is noteworthy that there are no perfect solutions; however, you should discuss the benefits and limitations of the analysis you have conducted.
  6. Conclusion: This section should present the process by which the strategy can be implemented. Identify what should be done, who should do it and when it should be done. If there are challenges that should be considered then make sure you draw the readers’ attention to them.
  7. References: using the 6th edition of APA Style, you should cite at least three peerreviewed journals (e.g. Harvard Business Review, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Business Logistics, etc) or professional magazine (e.g. Wall street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, and New Yorker)

Papers must be typed in Word, single-spaced using Times New Roman 12 point font, with one-inch margins all around in letter size. Do not plagiarize; Cite the textbook or any other sources excluding using APA 6th edition format ( The format is also available in MS-Word (recommended), Endnote, Papers, and Mendeley. Please include the following statement on all assignment

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