Best Practices for Network Security

Thesis: In today’s day and age, Computer and Network Security is one of the most vital aspects of running a business or company. Implementing good network security practices such as: proper training, maintaining system and security updates, and installing crucial firewall and anti-malware software could prevent devastating consequences which could cripple your business.

I. Introduction
A. Thesis
II. Proper Training
A. Social Engineering Awareness
B. Types of Threats
C. Response to possible threat
D. Access Controls
III. Maintaining System and Security Updates
A. Up to date operating system
B. Modern Hardware
C. Keeping up to date software updates
IV. Firewall and Anti-malware Software
A. Importance of Firewall and anti-malware
B. Types of Firewalls
V. Conclusion
A. Reiterate Thesis

VI. References
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