Netflix Case Study

Use a number of case analysis tools such as Five Forces, Strategic Fit analysis, Diamond, Value Chain Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, VRIO, etc. when appropriate. You may use outside resources, only to give an update on the company: please make sure you cite your references and clearly give credit to the author(s). Each written case analysis should be not more than 8 single spaced pages (font size 10 or 11). You must include graphs. tables and other figures (maximum 6 pages) to support your analyses. All group members will receive the same grade that is assigned to the group: however, if a group member is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities on the written case, his/her grade will be downgraded using the average score other group members have assigned to this individual. Please turn in your analysis at the beginning of class.
Expectations on the case write-ups: Detailed explanation will be provided throughout the semester.
Identify the issues
Understand the dynamics of competition in the industry
Identify firm specific advantages, core competencies
What is the source of problems?
Develop alternative strategies
Discuss pros and cons of alternatives
Why do you prefer one over the others?
Provide justification for your recommendation
How are you going to implement this solution?
What is the timeline for implementation?
How much will it cost?
How will it be financed?
What counter-action do you expect from competitors?
Is the new proposed position defendable?
Why didn’t the firm do this in the first place?

Sample Solution

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