Databases Business Intelligence and integrated enterprise systems Fraud, security and control Risk Management

1).Examine and describe the role of accounting databases in accounting systems 2).How might an Integrated Enterprise System and Business Intelligence create more value for an enterprise? 3).You have been assigned to the project team to evaluate IT controls. The IT professionals specially asked for you to be on the team because of your accounting and IT background. They have asked you to conduct some research and to write a report about the three levels of IT controls: 1. Entity-level controls; 2. Application controls; 3. IT general controls. Read chapter 10 of the core text book. Also go online and search for information about these three types of IT controls. Write a report summarizing your findings. 4).a. What is Enterprise Risk Management? b. As a result of a risk assessment exercise spreadsheets have been identified as a major weakness for internal control. Describe the key features of a spreadsheet risk management programme that could reduce this risk. 4 questions: For each question, the answer word count is a minimum of 250 words. The answer must include tables or diagram. Please have look files there have more details.

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