Preparing a cultural brief for an upcoming trip

Imagine that you have been tasked with preparing a cultural brief for an upcoming trip that will put you and your travel companions in touch with a different societal cluster. Choose one cluster other than the one in which you currently operate, and create an outline and write an essay that addresses the following items: ■List and describe the cultural cluster that will be visited. ■Provide information on cultural norms from the cluster to be visited. including specific information from the GLOBE study (see article by Javidan, Dorfman, De Luque, and House in the unit’s required readings). ■Describe the leadership approaches preferred in the cluster that will be visited. ■Describe considerations for leading multicultural teams.
Utilize the in-class materials to support the content of this presentation and include at least one image in your presentation. Your outline and essay should be 2 pages in length.

Sample Solution

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