Problem-solving and modelling task

Branding is an important part of all successful companies. It is often the first thing that a potential customer will notice about a company.
Design a logo or image for a company of your choice (the client). The company is looking for a design that is original, creative and aesthetically pleasing. It must also effectively capture the essence of their product.
Use at least three different types of the following functions: quadratic, cubic, quartic, circle, hyperbolic and inverse parabola. Other functions such as linear functions are allowed but no extra credit is given.
Submit two logos:
• the first will be a single colour (the focus should be on the strength of the silhouette).
• The second must include colour in order to enhance your logo and help the company advertise their product.

Write a report for your client to introduce your design
• Clearly identify the nature of your client’s business
• Clearly identify the equations of your functions, their domains and ranges
• Comment on the strengths and limitations of your model and approach
• Comment on the visual impact of your design and how well it fits the client’s brief
• Include any initial assumptions and observations you have made, including their effect on your modelling
• Include clear images of your logo

Sample Solution

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