Project Management

Take the role of Project Manager and are required to analyse the case study, research the best approach to managing it and develop the following 4 items of project planning documentation, to be submitted as a single, individual report: 1. Sample Project Initiation Document (PID) including: • budgetary information • timescales • objectives Z approach • key staff, and • stakeholder analysis (approx. 750 words) 2. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with at least 20 items. The WBS should be presented in the form of a table that includes dependencies, milestones, and summary tasks. You are free to deliver this as a Gantt Chart (use GanttProject to develop this), but it is not required. Include with this table a referenced paragraph explaining how a WBS can be used to help manage the tasks on a project and give a further paragraph briefly explaining the importance of critical path analysis; 3. Risk register containing at least 10 fully documented risks, including owner, mitigation and contingency actions, pre-and post- action weighting and scores;

Sample Solution

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