The Crisis of Communism

1) In McCormick’s chapter on Communist & Post-Communist States, he examines why the communist model of human development broke down and eventually collapsed.
a. Briefly describe how a Marxist state functions, how it works and is structured (choose any of the 26 McCormick lists)…just describe the basics.
b. Briefly analyze why the 2nd World (Communist bloc) collapsed. What are the basic flaws inherent in this model which led to its demise? Is it possible the “noble” goals of the communist model were simply out of step with the basic realities of human nature?
c. What do such states now look like as they have transitioned away from communism towards something else? What are such states transitioning towards? Democracy and markets? Democratic socialism? Back to Marxism-Leninism? Something else?
d. | often hear people say, wow, on paper communism sounds wonderful. Equality and a no class nirvana where everyone contributes and everyone benefits. No-one is exploited, gender equality is strictly enforced, etc. Too bad the world can’t be more like this. When I read the Manifesto and think about Marx, Lenin, Mao and actual communist states in the REAL world, | don’t get such sanguine, warm-fuzzy feelings, either about the abstract theory or about the cold reality of Communism. When | think about Communism what comes to mind is mass murder, mass suffering, and mass delusion. What comes to mind when you think about Communism?

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