Climate Changed

  1. Provide a summary of the book (max 1 page).
  2. Provide a brief overview of the evidence presented in the book linking human activity to climate change, and the associated climate change impacts (max 1 page).
  3. Answer the following questions succinctly but completely (max 2 pages): What does humanity need to do in order to limit climate change and the impacts of climate change? What challenges do we face in doing so? What challenges does the author grapple with in changing his own behaviours? Is the author hopeful?
  4. Give your views on climate change (max 2 pages): Do you agree with the science presented in the book? Are you prepared to make changes to your lifestyle to reduce your impact? What changes as a society do we need to make? What challenges do you anticipate? Are you hopeful?

• Write a maximum of six (6) pages of double spaced text
• Use 12 point font + default margins in Word (2.54 cm)
• Submit your assignment to Virtual Campus by Sunday March 10th (before midnight)

Sample Solution

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