Clinical Decision

1 ) Scenario: While on placement, A 65-year-old Mrs. Janet was admitted in the acute adult psychiatric inpatient ward under section 2 of the Mental Health Act (1983) suffering from intense anxiety related to her OCD/ severe depression and type1 diabetic for assessment. During initial assessment by my mentor and I, it was observed that Janet blood sugar level was 29mmols, immediately Dr. was called, who and prescribed a higher dose of insulin injection to be administered. It was done and recorded on the patient’s drug chart. Janet blood pressure was monitored daily and the readings keep fluctuating. A collaborative multidisciplinary team (MDT) decision where I was involved in to discuss about Janet was held. The decision was for Janet’s blood sugar to be monitored before every meal and medication time in order to increased or decreased meal/medication.

2) This assessment is designed to enable you to explore the
Fundamental yet complex principles of decision making that underpin professional practices and maintain patient safety across care settings.

The assessment strategy is designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of clinical decision making and their role as future registrants in delivering safe and effective care within a dynamic healthcare environment.

Critical evaluation of a clinical decision the student has been involved in or made from practice using a model of decision making to structure their assignment
Discuss a care decision you have been involved with in practice. Critically explore your hindered decision and your new learning and how this may influence your decisions in the future

Use the first person
Your essay should be written from the perspective of a healthcare professional,

Focus on one clinical decision only – making the decision clear in your introduction

Include a brief outline of your decision and context in the introduction to the
assignment (keep it brief).

Explain the concepts of decision making you are about to discuss by doing a literature search and reading around the subject area
(this is essential if you are to demonstrate your understanding).

Use a model and or framework of decision making to explore and evaluate your decision and the theory/ theories you have used in your
decision and explain why they relate to your decision.

What factors and circumstances lead to the decision made?

Consider what information was gathered, available and how this
influenced you.

Appraise the impact of external and internal factors upon the chosen

Consider the use of risk assessment tools and risk management strategies
and relate to your decision.

Evaluate how such a decision could be made, or enhanced if encountered
within practice again to increase aptitude and rigour.

Reflect upon what has developed within your practice or awareness, and
how this might influence choices and considerations if a similar situation
was encountered again, and why.

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