Attention Modulation

We’ve conducted an experiment in class that was supposed to measure our attention (covert and overt attention) by conducting posner’s cueing experiment (which we must mention in this paper). Citing only in introduction part .
Number of participants – 24 people, all from College, ethnesity-random, age between 18- 30 years old. Psychology software to run the experiment ( we needed to press “M” key after we saw the Astrid
If you pressed ‘M’ key after fixation cross – incorrect .feedback 2. “M” key right after cue – feedback 3.
Give the breakout of overall trials , explain what is the consistent( when the arrow pointing to the same side of the cue), inconsistent trial( arrows on the opposite side of the cue), catch trial (when we have a cue, but no asterisk –
Result has to be 2 sentences : we’ve conducted a paired sample t test and found a t value to be t(23)=5.39 with p less than 0.05. The found significant difference between consistent and inconsistent trials such that consistent had a lower reaction time , inconsistent higher reaction time.
Discussion part : start with saying whether you are accepting or rejecting Hypothesis
5-6 pages of content.
Need to mention Posner’s cueing tests, and include one more source with the same studies on covert attention. Mention what is covert attention, overt attention.
-Need to mention what in the test is showing that we are measuring covert and overt attention.

Sample Solution

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