Community Nursing Practice

Community health nurses are required to have a good knowledge
and understanding of theoretical concepts relevant to community
nursing practice. This includes being able to analyse relevant data
and identify social determinants of health and engage with
vulnerable groups. Detailed needs assessment is important to
inform health promotion planning and practice.
The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge and
understanding of important community health nursing concepts and
principles, including: social determinants of health, identifying and
working with vulnerable groups, principles of community
engagement, undertaking detailed needs assessment and health
promotion planning.
Specifically, you will undertake analysis of a real community data
set, identify and discuss relevant social determinants of health,
identify a vulnerable sub-group, explain how to engage with the
community and how to undertake a more detailed needs
assessment. Finally, you will explain how this information from a
needs assessment could be used to inform health promotion
planning in this community.

write a 1,350 word essay in which you will discuss
social determinants of health in relation to identify a vulnerable subgroup of people and discuss the process of community engagement,
needs assessment and health promotion planning.

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