Draconian Racial Caste Stratification

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PART 1: Michelle Alexander TED Talk


Racial Caste


Search and Seizure

Michelle Alexander?

Jim Crow Laws—what did they do, when and where were they enforced?

The ACLU—what do the initials stand for, when were they founded, what is their mission, who do they serve, are they an important organization?’

Drug Forfeiture Laws

Be sure to give the url and names of the sites where you found your information.

Who are the people who are locked up?

How are they locked up?

What happens to people when they are released from prison? Write out all the things she talks about.

What did she learn from working with the ACLU?

Is prison a system of racial control or crime control.? Why do you think that?

What statistics does she cite about crime rates and incarceration rates? Be specific about what she says.
What does federal money fund?

How has the Supreme Court encouraged mass incarceration?

What do we do to end mass incarceration?

What is a human rights movement? What are human rights?

Do you agree or disagree with her conclusion that mass incarceration is the new Jim Crow?
Why do say that?

What have you learned from this project and what are you going to do with this information?

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