Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles

Write a critique (in point form) about this article. Include the following information:
a. Identify the topic (this is not always the title of the article) of your article and where it was published (i.e. where you found the article).
[2 marks].
b. Describe the dietary or nutritional claim made in your article [2 marks].
c. Discuss whether or not this article has the characteristics of valid nutrition information or whether it has the characteristics of nutrition
quackery with direct links to your course readings and specific examples from your article [6 marks – 1 mark per characteristic].
(e.g. The claim is “too good to be true”: the article promises weight loss while you sleep).
Consult your course notes for Unit 1 and the corresponding chapter in your textbook, specifically:
 Consumer Corner: Reading Nutrition News with an Educated Eye
 Controversy Unit 1: Sorting the Imposters from the Real Nutrition Experts

  • Figure: Earmarks of Nutrition Quackery
  • Table: Is this Site Reliable?
    d. In your summary, clearly state your conclusion i.e. is your article an example of valid nutrition information or does it have the characteristics of
    nutrition quackery [2 marks].

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