Only super-rich can save us-by Ralph Nader.

With respect to the first specific “critiquing” requirement (View # 1) for the critique project, it is basically just asking you to discuss your perception of the book or your take on the book or your insight on the book or your awareness about the book, and remember NOT to summarize the book, since I know what the book is about and I just need your critical perception of the book. View # 2 is a critique or an editorial perspective if the book’s assertions and data are valid or not and why and how and when. For View # 3, please discuss an operational management’s take, view, perspective, and/or critique of the book. Given your OM skills, would you conclude the same
end-results as the author or would you reach a different conclusion and why and how and when too. And
finally, for View # 4, please give a Business Administration (BA) take, view, perspective, and/or critique of the book and if you have any real business/work experience that can further agree or disagree with the
book’s/author’s conclusions, then please do use them, but in all cases (for View Items # 1 to 4), please do
support your opinions and provide references if necessary

Sample Solution

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