The Miseducation of Cameron Post

You will be provided with a list of films to choose from. The films are available through the Kanopy database in the Carleton library. You will choose a key child in the movie and discuss how you would approach work with that child. Specifically, you need to consider:
• What structural issues are relevant to this child and their situation?
• What developmental issues would you want to consider when working with this child?
• What attachment issues should you consider when working with this child (i.e. deficits and strengths)?
• Are there issues of consent and/or issues of involving caregivers and/or parents that you need to consider when beginning work with this child?
• What are some key issues you would want to consider in terms of building a working relationship with this child?
The list of films include;
• A Dangerous Son
• For Akheem
• The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Sample Solution

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