Zero Waste for Bulgarian Restaurants

Chosen social enterprise: “Zero Waste for Bulgarian Restaurants”
Chosen First Project of the social enterprise: “How can Honu Hawaiian BBQ become a Zero Waste Restaurant”
Chosen country of implementation: Bulgaria
The first project of the organization is the transformation of the existing restaurant “Honu Hawaiian BBQ” ( into a Zero Waste Restaurant. This restaurant is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is owned by close friends of mine and my role as a social entrepreneur will be to help them become an outstanding Zero Waste Restaurant.
Analyze the problem which the enterprise is trying to solve and the concepts and ideas of social entrepreneurship that it uses or will use. Provide a plan or recommendations how “Zero Waste for Bulgarian Restaurants” could be developed or improved to accomplish its mission. Please make sure to include my role as a socially responsible leader in the implementation of this.

Sample Solution

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