Comparative Religious Cultures paper

Watch Bruce Feller’s PBS “Sacred Journey episode on the Osun-Osogbo native religion in Nigeria and the clip from the Macumba ritual in the film “Black Orpheus.”
Do you feel in your belief system that it is better to convert peoples like these from other religious traditions to your own or to appreciate them more fully or stay somewhere in-between? This should be no more than two pages. (Im not religious) Part 2
Listen to the Hidden Brain podcast episode on healing the tribal genocide in Rwanda by means of a soap opera. https://wm.nprorg/2018/04/16/602872309/romeo-juliet-in-kigali-how-a-soap-opera-sought-to-change-behavior-in-nivanda%20 What did you learn from it especially in connection with explaining some of the background for the Jewish holocaust in the thirties and forties and possibly the divisiveness in America in 2018.

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