Family Systems Assessment Paper

Your family movie #2 choices are: “Fences” “Lion” “Collateral Beauty”, or “War Room” MID-TERM PAPER REMINDERS: Theory: is formulated to explain, predict and understand things, and to challenge and extend existing knowledge Theoretical Framework: is a structure that can hold or support the theory of a research study. It is like the foundation of a building. For your theoretical frameworks, your family theory choices are found in the Exploring Family Theory textbook by Smith & Hamon, and includes: Symbolic Interactionism theory Structural Functionalism Family Development Theory Family Stress Theory Human Ecological Theory Conlfict Theory Social Exchange Theory Feminist Family Theory Biosocial Theory Family Systems Theory DO: Pick one (1) theory for your theoretical framework to apply to your (movie) family Assessment: is a core activity in social work. It is the process of looking at the dynamic factors in the lives of people. Assessment is underpinned by the numerous principles in this course (i.e., social work & family therapy) that serve to guide and direct clinical practice. Your family system assessment model choices include (as detailed in the MFT model handout – see attachment): mft model charts 2012 sup (1)-2.docxPreview the document Structural Family Assessment Strategic Family Assessment (MRI) Strategic Family Assessment (Haley & Madanes) Milan Family Assessment Solution Focused Brief Family Assessment Narrative Family Assessment Cognitive Behavioral Family Assessment Contextual Family Assessment Bowen Family Assessment Psychodynamic Family Assessment (Object Relations) Experiential Family Assessment Emotionally Focused Family Assessment Gottman Method Couples Assessment DO: Pick one (1) assessment models to apply to your (movie) family. DO: Review and use the Template for your Mid-Term Family Assessment Paper (see attached): Family Therapy Mid-Term Template.docxPreview the document

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