Folio of Inquiry Activities

Educators can use different types of learning environments and resources to promote and support scientific learning and thinking. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to explore the learning potential offered by a range of different resources and environments.
You are to develop a folio of six teaching and learning activities (250 words each) that demonstratethe use of a range of diverse resources and learning environments. (use the guide below)
Of the six activities, three should be based in an early childhood (0 – 5 setting) and three should be based in a primary (5 – 12) setting.
For each activity, you will need to provide a brief introductory explanation for the design and your pedagogical approach, supported by reference to the relevant literature.
To demonstrate scientific content knowledge and knowledge of skills and processes to implement learning activities within the framework of the EYLF and the Australian Curriculum.

Sample Solution

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