Military mental health issues

Write a Research Paper discussing an aspect of military mental health issu. (including spiritual factors) from the list below. Provide more than just a secular viewpoint or spiritual perspective. Balance the paper with both a biblical worldview and theoretical perspectives. Integrate them using journal articl. or book chapters on the topics as sourc.. Cite everything. The references submitted for the Reference List in ModuleNVeek 4 must be included in this assignment as well. Make sure that every issue is examined as related to military personnel. Topics • PTSD as a result of military service (non-combat causation) • Combat-relat. PTSD • Negative coping behaviors related to PTSD in the military (self-mutilation, eating disorders, sex addiction, gambling, suicide, odreme risk-taking behavior, alcohol abuse, abuse of illegal drugs. abuse of prescription and/or legal drugs). The addressed behavior must be link. to military personnel for a majority of the paper • Military service-related depression • TBI from military service-related causation • Military family mental health issu.

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