Infrastructure Essay

Write a response to one of the following two essay prompts:
Prompt 1:

We have characterized global information infrastructure as mobile internet connectivity, submarine cables and the companies providing platforms such as social media, together with global data infrastructure. Drawing on examples from the readings, discuss the interactions between these infrastructures. How are they dependent upon one another? How are they independent (or are able to stand alone)? What other technologies/category of firms or organizations might we also include as critical elements of the global information infrastructure?

Prompt 2:

Two of the three readings highlighted gender as either a factor explaining global information infrastructure access and use or a demographic variable under-reported in data. Drawing on examples from the readings, what do you conclude about the role of gender in global information infrastructures? What types of data present the greatest challenge to understanding the broad implications of gender (which data are least likely to be disaggregated by gender)? How might changing notions of gender affect our understanding of global information infrastructure?

Sample Solution

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