1. How many screening assays were performed on blood donations prior to 1985?​​​​​​​​​(1 point)
  2. List 8 of the infectious screening assays currently performed on donated blood.​​​​​​​​​(8 points)
  3. Give the meanings of the following acronyms:

(i) GMP​​​​(v)​WNV
(ii) FDA​​​​(vi)​TTBI
(iii) HTLV​​​​(vii)​PCR
(iiii) NAT​​​​(viii)​CMV

  1. Using information from the article provided, explain in detail how the minipool testing procedures are done.​​​​(6 points)
  2. Explain in detail how the minipool procedure is modified when testing for the West Nile virus in donors.​​​​​​(4 points)
  3. Explain the risks associated with Cytomegalovirus.​​(4 points)
  4. Describe the risk of infections with Zika virus.​​(3 points)
  5. What is the FDA defined deferral period for donors found positive by Zika NAT testing?​​​​​​​​(2 points)
  6. Discuss the testing for syphilis. What is the causative agent? (4 points)

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