Climate change

Climate change is occurring as a result of warming of the earth’s atmosphere due to human activity generating excess amounts of greenhouse gases. Because of its potential impact on the hydrologic cycle and severe weather events, climate change is expected to have an enormous effect on human health, including on the burden and distribution of many infectious diseases. The infectious diseases that will be most affected by climate change include those that are spread by insect vectors and by contaminated water.
(Source: Shuman, E., M.D. (2010, March 25). Global climate change and infectious diseases. New England Journal of Medicine; 362, 12, 1061-1063. Retrieved from at MIT Libraries.)

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  1. Paraphrase the paragraph. Explain the difference between paraphrase and summary .(2 Marks)
  2. What are the ways by which plagiarism can be avoided (1.5)
  3. Distinguish between technical report and long report. (1.5)
  4. Briefly explain the different components of research report. (2 Mar

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