The culture of the United States

Researched essay arguing a point about phenomenon within the culture of the United States
Write at least 1500 words and not more than 2000.•Present your essay in MLA manuscript format. •Give your essay an interesting and original title.•Create an introductory paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention, provides background information, and funnels to the thesis. The introduction should be at least five sentences long, counting the thesis.•Form a one-sentence thesis that is assertive, specific, and responsive to the prompt. Remember that the thesis is neither an announcement nor a list.•Write topic sentences that are assertive and specific, that directly support the thesis, and that organize the sentences the follow each of them.•Develop body paragraphs that are unified and coherent. •Quote or paraphrase at least sixcredible outside sources. Synthesize the ideas from these sources.

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