Rhetorical persuasive argument

Disneyland park costs are continually rising. With an entrance fee at 150 per ticket for one park, and 25 for parking, a family of four can easily spend over 1000 for one day at the at the happiest place on earth. In spite of this, people are still willing to flock to the Disney parks in record numbers. with crowds and costs consider how Disney cooperation is able to market this major money-maker to its audience. what is its full purpose for persuasion and whom it is addressing as its main audience? what are the advertisements’ assumptions concerning its audience values? could the audience be expanded to other, or will it lose effectiveness? also, how effective is its message for this time period and how timeless will its format prove for future audiences ? Having researched Disney’s campaign, address and analyze these points in a four page typed essay that expresses the persuasive skills of the company by using the Toulmin method of evaluation. must use 4 academic sources and 5 for work cited.

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