Financial fundamental analysis

Select one publicly traded common stock. Students will use course concepts to conduct a
fundamental analysis of the security to determine if that security is either undervalued, overvalued or properly
valued based upon a review of its market price per share
Students will turn in a written fundamental analysis prior to Week 15 of the course. The fundamental analysis of
the stock must include the following valuation techniques:
Dividend Discount Model;
Valuation of Free Cash Flow to Equity Holders;
Valuation of Operating Cash Flow; and
Relative Valuation Ratio Techniques Based Upon Multiples of Earnings and at least two other measures of
relative value;
Students will be required to submit a written report that documents the intrinsic stock values obtained by using
each of the above valuation techniques. Students will be required to provide references to all data sources and
provide appropriate exhibits that display how calculations of intrinsic value were done under each of the
valuation techniques.

Sample Solution

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