Staples “Black Men and Public Spaces”

Examine how the author is exploring his or her identity.

Your answers of this questions should reflect a sophisticated, clear method of writing, including introduction, thesis, topic sentence(s) and transitions, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Your answer should be complete and well developed, including support (correctly documented) from the textbook.

Throughout this course, we have read several essays covering a multitude of themes and ideas, all addressing in some way the question of “identity,” either implicitly or explicitly. Some of these essays have included religious elements and some have not, but all have explored how an individual is changed by his or her environment. All the essays have been examples of both excellent writing and an author considering his or her identity in a complex and nuanced way.

Pick one of the essays listed below that we have covered in the course and examine how the author is exploring his or her identity. Is he or she influenced by place or education or media? Some combination of the three? Are they thinking in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, culture, background, etc.? What are the primary characteristics or factors of the author’s identity or change in identity here? Finally, what is a biblical understanding of this identity? How do we “see” the author’s identity or change in identity from a Christian worldview?

You may choose from:

• Staples “Black Men and Public Spaces”
• Baldwin “Stranger in the Village”
• Douglass “Learning to Read and Write”
• Rodriguez “The Good, Lonely Company of Books”
• Alexie “Superman and Me”
• Walker “Saving the Life that Is Your Own”
• Welty “One Writer’s Beginnings”
• Woolf “Professions for Women”

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