Step 1: Look at announcements for your assigned software topic. If there is difficulty locating information, I can reassign you, let me know on email.
Step 2: In the heading of your post put your assigned topic (example: “Camtasia”)—your topic is on announcements.
Step 3: Research a reasonable example of your assigned topic and place the URL on discussions with your post. If you want to create a small demo–go ahead and report here on user-friendliness and whether you would consider using the product in the workplace or for class presentations, etc. This post area should be at minimum of 400 words.
Step 4: Respond to one classmate post in at least two paragraphs each post–on ease of use and whether you would consider using their product in the workplace. In your response, put in the heading “Camtasia” response”–or whichever software they reviewed.
Step 5:
Choose any country in the world, if you were designing a presentation using your assigned software –for an international audience –discuss three things that you could do in your presentation to make the audience feel welcome.

Sample Solution

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