The structure of your 1-2-page summary essay must include the following three components:
1.) Introduce the issue being discussed and which two opposing websites will be evaluated. Introduce which
two websites (covering the same topic) will be compared in the introduction.
2.) Evaluate each web/internet article using the checklist provided in the textbook (be clear as to which
websites are being evaluated via the checklist discussing how the checklist specifically applies to each site).
The checklist evaluation should be apparent in the body of the paper as the purpose of the assignment is to
learn to critically evaluate web resources.
3.) Explain your own approach for determining your personal stance pertaining to the issue, providing support
for your argument, as directed by the textbook. This component should be brief, stated at the conclusion.
Be sure to cite the two chosen websites at the end of the summary essay.
The essay is to be no longer than 2 pages in length. Because this is a short essay, the quality should be of a
very high standard. Remember that it is a critical thinking essay and must be written with substantive and clear
language without any “fluff” or unnecessary words. There are some helps available in the announcements
section in Moodle to help you write a critical thinking or philosophical essay.

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