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A Drugstore in Winter

Read A Drugstore in Winter and Write a 500 word, standard format essay answering these questions: what process is Ozick describing in “A Drugstore in Winter?” How does she use detail to demonstrate that process and develop a theme around it?

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Although the information collected by victim surveys impacts policies and crime prevention schemes (Lab, 1988), there is debate as to whether such changes should be made based on findings which may not be truly representative and dependable. The use of victim surveys permits criminologists and the government to gain an enhanced awareness of trends regarding crime in comparison to just solely relying on and considering crime statistics (Šeparović, 1989). Victim surveys provide extra qualitative data concerning the demographics of victims, emphasising the place and time that an individual is most likely to become a victim of crime (Freeman, 2013), as well as taking unrecorded crimes into consideration. The information can then be assessed to reveal any patterns that may reveal certain aspects which could put a person at a higher risk of victimisation. As a result, crime prevention plans can therefore be adapted accordingly to aid the most vulnerable from being at risk. The British Crime Survey remains to be an efficient way of collecting data as it is continuously being revised to take account of modern crimes, such as cybercrime (Jansson, 2007). The survey is seen as a respectable way to comprehend whether people within society are generally content with the criminal justice system, ultimately drawing attention to any public desire for improvements to be made (Muncie & Wilson, 2004). However, the reliability of data collected by victim surveys is disputed. For example, the surveys are only conducted within households meaning no corporate or white collar crime can be included (McLennan, 2000), other crimes such as manslaughter and murder are obviously omitted too. Victim surveys also exclude “residents of hospitals, prisons and old-age homes, who are often victimised and are not counted in the surveys” (Govender, 2013), therefore narrowing the sample, and consequently the reliability of survey findings even further. An additional flaw that is also believed to damage the dependability of survey findings is memory loss, vital details may be forgotten or even over-emphasised making the information t

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