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A review a website of a government agency

For this assignment you are going to go online and review a website of a government agency or nonprofit organization of your choice at the federal, state, and local levels. Consider the principles of understanding an audience, having a clear purpose, and comprehending the cultural context when evaluating the website. You will write a three (3) page informal report (see pp. 269 – 273 in your PLWG textbook for guidelines on an informal report) that contains the following criteria:
Introduce the organization and website you have chosen
Identify the intended audience
Explain the purpose of the website
Identify the cultural context of the website
Your personal evaluation of the website
Is it a good website?
Easy to navigate and find what you are looking for?
What would you change?

Sample Solution

Working environment Violence in Health Care Theoretical The paper centers around the issue of work environment savagery and the enactment for dealing with the issue in social insurance. Working environment viciousness involves occurrences of maltreatment, particular compromising, terrorizing and striking cases to people, under business related settings, along these lines influencing their security, wellbeing or prosperity either expressly or potentially certainly. The lawmaking body of center is "H.R. 5223: The Health Workplace Violence Prevention Act" presented and supported by California delegate Sen. Ro Khanna, among other vital lawmakers. The H.R. 5223 requires OSHA in commanding the formation of measures, projects, and work environment savagery aversion designs by wellbeing offices. The effect of H.R. 5223 incorporates limiting brutality in human services by guaranteeing enough staffing, interest, and stipulates examination and the executives plans for savagery. Of all strike cases, 75% are ascribed to working environments, with assaults towards representatives representing 93%. Everything being equal, medical attendants are the most influenced, with verbal viciousness as the most elevated sort of brutality. Mental divisions record the most noteworthy rates. Antagonistic effects of savagery are trouble, wounds, outrage and high disappointments, pity, being over-cautious, non-attendance, and turnover, all of which effects on nature of consideration. Medical caretakers have a job in enactment by arrangement usage, revealing infringement, and being advocates for H.R. 5223 achievement. Work environment Violence in Health Care Presentation The arrangement of value and proficient medicinal services positions as a noteworthy goal of general wellbeing. Wellbeing arrangements and enactment serve an imperative job in setting out guidelines, plans, and activities for the endeavor by the various partners for the acknowledgment of indicated cultural human services destinations. On a more extensive sense, enactment and other wellbeing estimates all planned for guaranteeing wellbeing suppliers are effective and ready to convey quality consideration. The arrangement of the correct workplace for medical attendants, doctors, and other human services staff, is imperative in adding to providing care. Work environment brutality in medicinal services gets perceived as a key issue, influencing wellbeing suppliers, the organization and accordingly affecting on the nature of consideration gave to patients and families. Human services Legislature: The Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Act (H.R. 5223) The H.R. 5223: Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Act got presented as of eighth of March 2018, and supported by Ro Khanna (U.S. Agent for California). As per Govtrack (2018), a portion of the other co-supports incorporate Brady Robert, Chu Judy, Gabbard Tulsi, Jackson Lee, Sheila Jayapal, Pramila, Lee Barbara, and Moulton Seth among different governing bodies. The important target of the demonstration is for the coordinating social insurance managers secured to receive far reaching work environments savagery counteractive action programs/designs completely. The H.R. 5223 Act, discovers its application through the improvement of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Outstandingly, as supported by Safety Health (2018), the demonstration is centered around coordinating the OSHA towards the formation of well-adjusted norms which requests that wellbeing offices actualize a well-planned office and unit-based working environment viciousness counteractive action plans. The important objective of the H.R: 5223 Act (in verbatim) involves: "To guide the Secretary of Labor to give a word related security and wellbeing decide that requires secured human services businesses to embrace a far reaching work environment viciousness aversion plan and for different purposes" (Govtrack (2018). A portion of the basic models and techniques inside the Act include: The systems for the recognizable proof and opportune assessment of nature just as explicit patient hazard components, e.g., weapons, history of substance misuse, and so on. Systems for convenient redressing of work environment savagery perils, e.g., no working alone in hazard work settings, required security arrangement, and working imparting gadgets, and so on. Techniques set up for successfully reacting to working environment brutality crises (genuine and potential), with the capacity to get help from security staff or offices. Dynamic support of utilized wellbeing laborers in the creating, execution and ensuing audit of working environment savagery procedures. Among different methodology lined up with the minimization of working environment brutality against medicinal services representatives. Diagram of Workplace Violence in Healthcare Work environment brutality in human services is a noteworthy word related worry that unfavorably impacts on medical attendants and other wellbeing pros (Brophy, Keith and Hurley, 2018; Martinez, 2016). Outstandingly, work environment viciousness involves activities or rates in which there is the manhandling, explicit undermining, terrorizing just as instances of ambushes (minor or lethal), to an individual, under business related conditions which difficulties their security, wellbeing or prosperity either expressly and additionally verifiably (Yang, Stone, Petrini and Morris (2018). The World Health Organization classification of viciousness in the work environment includes two instances of physical maltreatment and also mental maltreatment, which results in the hurting the exploited people physical, mental prosperity, otherworldliness, their ethical quality and their social improvement when at work (Zhao et al., 2015). Physical viciousness is progressively "physical" and includes occasions of slapping, pushing, beating, wounding, kicking, squeezing and in different cases shooting or gnawing (Zhao et al., 2015). As a wellbeing concern, work environment savagery isn't just a neighborhood issue yet additionally a universal issue which effects on medical caretakers and different authorities around the world. Philips (2016) clarifies that working environment savagery gets underreported in medicinal services, is a relentless and universal wellbeing concern, exceptionally endured and overlooked in social insurance conveyance. Of the various settings and units in medicinal services offices, viciousness is most elevated in nursing homes, crisis offices and mental units or settings (Martinez, 2016). Persistent hostility, as a type of brutality, positions among the most widely recognized sort which happens against medical caretakers in their clinical settings, in the crisis office, at the inpatient mental units and nursing homes (Martinez, 2016). What's more, in spite of the fact that brutality types change, physical and verbal strikes top the rundown as the most well-known working environment viciousness types getting looked by medical attendants shared by Brophy, Keith and Hurley (2018), shares similar thoughts by clarifying that Healthcare suppliers additionally endure the dangers of savagery, either physical, sexual, just as verbal ambushes from the particular patients under one's consideration in social insurance settings. Henceforth, in as much as there is center around the board or colleague related savagery, examination and the board of viciousness credited to patients (or likewise their families) are fundamental in initiating working intercessions to manage the issue. At the point when in danger of patient viciousness, nurture staff endure impacts of related physical, yet additionally the danger of mental, relational, and even fund impacts (Brophy, Keith and Hurley, 2018). As a wellbeing concern, wellbeing work environment brutality has unfriendly ramifications for the conveyance of consideration and the prosperity of the nursing staffs and other consideration suppliers. With expanded savagery, a portion of the long haul repercussions incorporate higher paces of missed workdays, work disappointment, more burnout just as decreases in staff efficiency (Philips, 2016). Martinez (2016) notes for medical attendants experiencing forceful cases at the working environment, there is the encountering of resentment, elevated disappointment, dismal sentiments, being over-cautious, trouble issue, and may desert work, among other related effects. With the congruity of the issues and brutality, there are other long haul impacts like expanded dread in nursing staff, which results in applying reaction systems like securing themselves utilizing weapons, e.g., guns or even blades (Philips, 2016). Along these lines, with the constant of work environment brutality for medical attendants, doctors, and other social insurance staff, the wounds connected with consistent savagery consequently brings about more non-appearance at work, all of which effects on the nature of consideration. The proof that wellbeing work environment savagery is an issue calls for applying stringent measures in taking care of the circumstance by dealing with the hazard factors among different mediations. As per Martinez (2016), a portion of the noteworthy work environment savagery antecedents incorporate staff themselves, the workplace, and the patients, which expands the instances of patient-started viciousness. As confirmed by Martinez (2016), the top staff hazard factors for the event of brutality included lacking or zero preparing of attendants, working alone, poor control of assaultive activities and being understaffed. The basic ecological hazard elements starting expanded human services savagery against medical attendants incorporate deficient security, postponed patient administrations, and thinking about possibly risky patients in wellbeing settings (Philips, 2016; Martinez, 2016). Zhao et al. (2015) state having believed, productive and just business situations have the capability of diminishing paces of brutality against the different rehearsing attendants. Thus, in as much as emergency clinic the executives centers around giving quality consideration to patients, nursing staff should likewise be cooked for effectively. On the other hand, some patient related components and hazard elements were firearm openness just as substance misuse (Martinez, 2016). The administration of savagery in wellbeing organizations is fundamental on the off chance that one is to get the best and quality consideration. Notwithstanding legitimate measures, various creators give valuable mediations, all of which when applied have the effect of shielding medical attendants and other wellbeing representatives. A portion of the aversion systems involve expanding staff numbers, improving emergency clinic or care settings security, utilization of individual alerts, and operational changes (zero resistance to brutality approaches) inside the medical clinic (Brophy, Kei

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