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Adolescent Psychology

What has the adolescent period looked like historically?
What led to the recognition of adolescence as a unique developmental period?
Be able to describe the theoretical perspectives of adolescence.

Biological Changes
Be able to describe the basics of puberty.
Be able to describe the HPG Axis.
Be able to describe the physical changes that occur during puberty.
How do pubertal timing and tempo affect adolescent development?
How does puberty affect psychological development?
How does puberty affect social relationships?
What health concerns are associated with adolescence?

Cognitive Changes
What are the major cognitive changes in adolescents compared to children?
Be able to describe Piaget’s theory of cognitive development in relation to adolescents.
Be able to describe the information-processing perspective.
What types of imaging are used to study changes in the brain during adolescence?
What changes in behavior have been linked to changes in the brain?
How do adolescents’ IQ scores compare to children’s IQ scores?
Be able to describe the theories of IQ and learning.
How does social cognition change in adolescence?
Why does risk taking occur during adolescence?
How can risk taking be reduced?

Social Changes
What is social redefinition?
How does social redefinition impact psychosocial development?
What are the common features of social redefinition?
How has the adolescent period been elongated over time?
In what ways is adolescence a social invention?
What is emerging adulthood?
What are the limitations of emerging adulthood?
How do changes in legal status affect adolescents?
What are the inconsistencies in adolescents’ legal status?
How do the clarity and continuity of social redefinition differ across cultures?
What are the challenges faced by poor and minority adolescents during the transition to adulthood?
What strategies can be used to ease the transition to adulthood among at-risk youth?

Sample Solution

The consequences of such extremes range from the disruption of food production and water supply to increased rates of morbidity and mortality and consequences for the physical and psychological health of human beings (IPCC 2014). There are quite a few ways to survey climatic extremes, as these can be very diverse. In order to monitor severe storms, it is possible to track the annual storm number together with maximum wind speed, geographic storm tracks, precipitation and flash floods. With regard to insect infestations and whether they were dislocated, taking the number of insect infestations, the insect type, the land cover of the infestations, the crop impacts and the historic recurrence into account is helpful. Human diseases can be evaluated by the number and type of epidemics and the impacts they had concerning the fatalities or in general the number hospitalised, the historic recurrence and the geographically affected area. Another very general way of surveying different aspects at once is by satellites. This astronomical observer can be used for many factors, including tracking the vegetation (with regard to the amount as well as state), the diminishing yearly snow cover, the daily global albedo, and the ice sheet/glacier retreat or rather evolution (Chuvieco 2008). Of course, it is also used to create weather forecasts and surveys, to observe radiation, watervapour, precipitation, and clouds as well as volcanoes and their possible eruptions (Chuvieco 2008). 4 Conclusions In conclusion, there are many ways to monitor these different aspects of climate change. They just have to be applied. Scientists have to deliver facts for the society in order to build a basis on which politicians and the population can base their decisions in this matter. It is especially important to indicate the cause-effect relationship so that it is possible for people to realise how their actions influence and harm the environment and how it is possible for them to improve; Intrinsic motivation to do so will be much more effective than extrinsic motivation by a legislative power.

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