advertisement paper

advertisement paper

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This paper will require an advertisement. You will analyze and write at least a four-page paper on the following:

1. What population and/or group is the advertisement attempting to entice
2. What emotion is the advertisement attempting to tap into
3. Is there any ethical concerns with the advertisement
4. Is the advertisement guaranteeing or suggesting any promises and/or results
5. What does the advertisement disclose about societal norms, values and customs
6. Review and apply the philosophy of one or more theoretical perception to the advertisement.
7. Your opinion, reflections, and how this advertisement applies to you.

The paper should follow APA format guidelines;

General instructions for writing this report – it must have a 1” margin all around the body of the paper. A 12 font must be used. The paper will also be double-spaced. A cover page must also include the title of your individual project, your name, date, and class title. A reference page of at least one scholarly journal must be referenced in a separate sheet of paper. The paper must be at least 4 pages. Your scholarly journal copy must be attached to your paper.

READ the background in your textbook that is appropriate to your topic. Summarize this in your own words and incorporate it into your background section. Part of your conclusion must include your opinion and knowledge of concepts and terms discussed in class and in your text reading assignments. If your background information comes from your textbook or another written source, you must use in-text citations in the APA format. For books, such as your textbook, this format should be as follows:

Samuel E. Wood, Ellen Green Wood and Denise Boyd, (2006) Mastering the World of Psychology. Pearson, pp. 117-120.

You must turn in a copy of your advertisement and the scholarly journal in with your report.


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