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Aerodynamic terminology and the term “moment”

Take a look at the wing design of this C-17. Based on what you know about aerodynamic terminology and the term “moment”, explain why you think the wing was designed the way it is. How does this compare to similar size commercial air carrier aircraft. Is there another design that you think might be better, since this aircraft was designed in 1970? Explain. In order to complete this question thoroughly, you will need to research anhedral/dihedral.

Sample Solution

n the soil food web, nematodes play a crucial role [5]. They occur ubiquitous in all habitats. In agriculture nematodes are mostly known as plant parasites, while nematodes encompass a much larger variety which feed on e.g. bacteria, arthropods, other nematodes or fungi. For the reason that nematodes are divided in a broad range of trophic groups, they could be used as bioindicator of soil ecological health. The presence of nematodes from a specific trophic group represents the presence of their feed. [6] The first group to be studied are the “entomopathogenic nematodes” (EPN’s). These nematodes of the genera Steinernema and Heterorhabditis parasitize on insect larvae [7]. EPN’s parasitizing harmful insects can be used as biocontrol agents [8,9]. For this reason, more knowledge on the occurrence of EPN’s could be useful for future agricultural systems. EPN’s occur in a broad range of terrestrial habitats [7]. Several studies throughout the world found divergent results considering the habitat and soil preference of Heterorhabditis and Steinernema. Mráček et al. [12] found EPN’s more abundant in forest habitats and light soils (sand/loam) rather than open vegetation and heavy soils (clay). Valadas et al. [13], isolated EPN’s both from forest soils and agricultural land. The preference of EPN’s for sandy/loamy soils is scientifically accepted [14]. Still, their presence in a certain habitat is not well understood. The second focus group are the fungivorous nematodes. These fungal feeding nematodes are often more abundant in ecosystems later in the succession than in just established ones. Older ecosystems normally contain more soil organic matter and fungi which feed on this [15]. Therefore, organic matter is expected to correlate with fungal feeding nematodes. The presence of nematodes in general is not well predictable, due to occurrence of nematodes being influenced by multiple abiotic and biotic factors such as available water, organic matter (OM) content [15] or host distribution [14]. Howard [5] describes that fungal and bacterial feeding nematodes increased after organic matter and irrigation was applied. The hypothesis that nematodes are more abundant in perennial habitats is take

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