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Aging population?

As you have learned about the aging population in this class, you now have an opportunity to take your learning and
apply it in a real-world setting. There are two options for completing this assignment:
1) Speak with an aging person through the course engagement with a senior center; OR
2) Find an aging person in your circle of connections and interview that person.
There are two sets of instructions below:
1) Interviewing Questions; and
2) Assignment Questions.
You only need to report on the Assignment Questions.
The person you interview must be at least 65 years or older. Do not include interviewee name or identifying information
on your assignment.
Interview Questions – This is for your experience:
Introduce yourself and explain that you are taking a course in aging and learning about some of the benefits and
challenges of the aging population. Once you have permission to interview, please use the following questions as your

  1. Tell me about what you value most and least during your aging years.
  2. What is the most memorable historical event that you recall? Describe the memory including your thoughts and
  3. Tell me what has been the most beneficial and challenging about your aging experience.
  4. How do you feel about the healthcare system in the US? What are some challenges you face?
  5. What type of housing do you have? Does your housing meet your needs?
  6. Do you find that age provides you more insight on life and life experiences?
  7. Based upon your life experiences, what is some advice that you may have for me?
    Assignment Questions – These are the questions that you answer for your assignment:
    As a part of your engagement with the aging population, please answer the following questions in your written
  8. Analysis of Knowledge: Connects and extends knowledge (facts, theories, etc.) from one’s own academic
    study/field/discipline to civic engagement and to one’s own participation in civic life, politics, and government.
    How do you believe your knowledge from this course contributed to your work with the aging population? Specifically,
    identify information learned from an aging person and how your course learning contributed to an improved
    understanding. For example, you might discuss the type of housing the aging person discussed and your own
    understanding of such housing.
  9. Diversity of Communities & Cultures: Demonstrates evidence of adjustment in own attitudes and beliefs because
    of working within and learning from diversity of communities and cultures. Promotes others’ engagement with
    How has working with the aging population changed your attitudes towards diversity? Describe your own identification
    with diversity and how you perceived the aging population before and after learning and having exposure to such
    population. What differences have been confirmed or changed in your own attitudes and beliefs towards the aging

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