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AI Ethics and Organisations Literature Review

Carry out a comprehensive survey on all the main potential risks of AI systems in practices, and the existing international/national/organisational framework of AI ethics and relevant laws, regulations, policies and rules. You can use a real case in data breaches to help explain the grim situation of AI impacts/risks and the necessity of further research on AI ethics.

It is also desirable for you to present your own opinions about how to addresses challenges due to more and more applications of AI technologies at the edge. Your discussion could focus on the inadequacy and limitations of current AI ethics framework, the new issues likely to be raised by emerging AI technologies, and the research trend in the field.

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Coming into contact with evil allows man to see the faults that exist within this so-called paradise. Both man and slave discover the sinister element shared between Sweet Home and Eden: ignorance that is instilled by their masters in order to keep them in place. God commands Adam and Eve that they can eat from any tree in the garden "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die." (Gn 2: 17-18) At the dawn of creation, man is kept ignorant of the differences between good and evil, supposedly for his own protection. Because of this ignorance, man does not possess free will and is more like the slaves of Sweet Home, bound to his master. Like the slaves, man remains unaware of reality, which allows him to be taken advantage of by the evil serpent. Once man eats the forbidden fruit, God fears that man might "put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life" and "live forever" (Gn:3:22-23). If man were to become immortal, this would elevate him to a level almost equal to God's. So God expels man from paradise to keep him from becoming more like his creator. The slaves of Sweet Home also do not understand their condition because they are kept ignorant. Although Mr. Garner is a benevolent owner, he still only teaches "what [he] wanted known" (165). While given more privileges than most slaves, the Sweet Home residents are still denied the knowledge they need to make them equal in status to whites. Schoolteacher's arrival spells the end of any chance to possibly learn this knowledge, so they decide to escape. In both cases, man and slave leave paradise, only to discover that suffering lies ahead. Having left paradise, slave and man discover that the harsh realities of a world filled with suffering but eventually find solace through love. Schoolteacher threatens the Sweet Home men that they would be "trespassers among the human race" (148), should they leave the farm. Paul D learns the meaning of schoolteacher's threat firsthand while in captivity. While the white guards of Alfred, Georgia treat him like a primitive being, Paul D has no other companions, save the Cherokee, another race shunned because of their skin. But despite the Indians' acceptance, he does not yet feel complete, so he travels further North, in hopes of finding a place where he would not need "permission for desire" (191). At Sweet Home, the Garners did not recognize true relationships between the slaves, so marriage and ultimately love seemed unreachable at the time. But now that he is free from Sweet Home, Paul D seek

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