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Alitalia has been under administration since 2017

Alitalia has been under administration since 2017. The 74-year-old Italian airline Alitalia announced it will cease to fly from October 15 2021 as it goes bankrupt formally and goes for liquidation. What should have the company done to avoid this? – write an essay answering this research question

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Gene editing already has widespread applications, for example, in agriculture, and it has polarized views, with whole anti- GMO movements taking place around the world. Vandana Siva, a social activist from India heavily promotes organically- grown food and is strongly against genetically modified crops in farms (Navdanya, n.d). She believes that ‘the very idea of GMOs is a death knell for biodiversity.’ She argues that the ‘integrity of life’ will no longer exist when corporations push out and popularize the genetically modified crops which they produce (Greens- EFA, 2013). This essay focuses on the use of gene editing in humans, but a reference to agribusinesses in the context of genetically modified food provides a useful avenue to understanding how corporations and large business intend to and are already using gene editing for profit. Perhaps the most common use of gene editing outside of medical research in humans, is in ‘designer babies. ’Because gene editing lets you edit the genetic code and change the characteristics of anything, you can effectively make ‘designer babies’, by changing the genetic code of your soon- to be born embryo, giving it any characteristic you want (Pang and Ho, 2016). In the modern world, the cosmetic industry covers over 500 billion USD (Cosmetic market value worldwide, 2018-2025 | Statista, 2018), which shows the sheer importance society places on appearance. Victor Hugg, a social scientist writing for Iowa State Daily, says that “The number of people in our society who place an exorbitant amount of value on the physical appearance of themselves — and of others — is overwhelming” and “every human being makes judgments based on someone’s age, height, weight, hair, eye colour and so forth” (Hugg, 2011) . Because society is so focused on appearance, writers like Hugg argue that people consider appearance to be what dictates their value. This could lead to more and more people using gene editing to alter their children’s appearances. Beauty standards play a huge part in the modern world. It could be said that gene editing, and more specifically, designer babies, would encourage social standards regarding beauty to continue and get worse. Women are under more pressure to look a certain way to fit in and conform to the body standard at the time (Mazur, 2010). One year, blue eyes may be the standard, then it may change to brown in a few years. This is a similar case with body shape. According to an investigation conducted in 2007, 90% of all woman aged 15-64 around the world would like to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance (Calogero, Boroughs and Thompson, 2007).This shows that technology that allows you to change your child’s appearance will potentially be used by parents, based on these social standards. As will be demonstrated in this essay, there are also consequences of using this technology that impact the child on which they a

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