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Amazon’s overall business model and supply chain

Write a 4-5-page paper (part 1) and, a 10-12 slide presentation (part 2) in which you:

Evaluate 2 deficiencies that you indicated in Amazon’s overall business model and supply chain. Develop a new supply chain strategy and generate 2 scenarios where your company needs to strengthen the operation in areas of efficiency, security, cost reduction, quality, productivity, profitability, vendor management and, customer service.
If you were an executive at Wal-Mart charged with decreasing the competitive gap between your company and Amazon, determine at least 3 areas where you could improve Wal-Marts operations, including the supply chain, sales and distribution to compete more closely with Amazon. Determine what you would do to stay competitive in a digital economy.
Analyze various operations, sales, marketing, etc. technologies and determine where technology fits into your business model to effectively compete with Amazon. (Research deep and think ‘future consumer’ and ‘future sales and distribution).
Determine and fully explain 3 advantages Wal-Mart has over Amazon. Then explain how Wal-Mart could dig deeper into Amazon’s customer base to gain market share. (Research on both companies supply chain, sales and distribution strategies are required to complete this assignment).

Sample Solution

from the American culture. Most of them resided on the Pacific Coast, which was where most were afraid of an invasion by the Japanese. Americans became skeptical about whether these Japanese Americans were loyal to their race or country. Roosevelt then passed Executive Order 9066, which stated that internment camps (left) were allowed in order to keep possible threats in their place. This led to evacuations of many Japanese people on the West Coast. Korematsu v. The United States Even though there were some Japanese Americans who were born in American and had US citizenship, they were still discriminated against. A Japanese American named Fred Korematsu didn’t want to split with his non-Japanese girlfriend simply because he was Japanese, so he was eventually arrested and forcibly put in an internment camp. Korematsu’s civil rights were violated, however, the Supreme Court decided that these actions were justified because America was in a time of conflicts and small problems such as Korematsu’s could be put off. War Refugee Board Jewish Americans were aware of what was happening to their relatives in Europe, so they urged the US to take action and assist them. The US government knew the inhumane actions Hitler was executing, but no action was taken until 1944. The War Refugee Board allowed Jews to seek refuge at safe centers or at US owned camps in Europe. Zoot Suit Riots In Los Angeles, California, there were two sides of a conflict: Mexican Americans and white Americans. Many Mexican American teenagers wore “zoot suits” which included a broad felt hat, a long suit coat, and loose pants. White Americans saw this style as gang-like, leading them to attack anyone wearing the fashion. The

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