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American Nurses Association (ANA, 2015) Code of Ethics for Nurses

For many nurses, the American Nurses Association (ANA, 2015) Code of Ethics for Nurses is the single most useful document to consult when dealing with ethical problems in nursing practice. The Code offers standards for ethical behavior but does not provide the theoretical underpinnings of those standards. Discussion questions (links to objectives #1, #2).

  1. In preparation for this discussion, please identify one of the nine tenets in the Code that is not clear or that you find difficult to support in your practice setting. After review the accompanying interpretive statements in the text, analyze the ways in which the tenet reflects the ethical theories (deontology and teleology) you reviewed in week one.
    Please include the following:
    • Identify the tenet you have selected and why you find it unclear or difficult to support in your practice.
    • Give an example of how the tenet might be applied in your practice setting.
    • Explain the ways in which the tenet is supported by any or all of the theories you reviewed in week one.
    • Explain how the tenet is compatible with any of the ethical theories.
    • Explain why, in light of these theories, the meaning or usefulness of the tenet may be more apparent to you now. Alternatively, does it still seem congruent with your practice?

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The labyrinth, nearly 1000 feet long, was designed for meditative purposes. Pilgrims would walk or crawl along its path and contemplate the cathedral and their spirituality. The labyrinth can be found by walking slightly past the narthex. Interestingly, a copy of the Chartres labyrinth has recently been placed in San Francisco's Grace Cathedral. But Chartres is perhaps most beloved for its stained glass windows. These windows, almost all of which are from the 12th century, tell intricate tales, from the Tree of Jesse to the Good Samaritan. The Chartres guidebook notes that there are "one-hundred and sixty seven windows in the cathedral, roses, oculi, and lancets." It is difficult to read many of the windows as they are found in the clerestory, but those found at the arcade level are among the more famous. The three rose windows at Chartres are even more amazing, as they combine numerous intricate patterns to form one fantastic picture. For instance, the West Rose alone has dozens of oculi, which surround a window of Jesus at the Last Judgment. In addition to these intricate patterns, the windows are known for their use of color. One of the windows known as the Blue Virgin, features sky-blue glass pieces which make the Virgin much brighter than the rest of the window. The cathedral at Bourges has a different atmosphere than Chartres. When one walks inside, it is much brighter, but the cathedral appears more cavernous. This is partly because of Bourges physical dimensions - it is wider than Chartres (the latter's dimensions were restricted by the crypt which survived the fire of 1134) and also appears taller. Bourges has thinner columns than Chartres does, in part because the builders understood Gothic technique more firmly, but also because Bourges has a total of four aisles, with the aisles furthest from the nave serving as an additional support section. This double aisle technique has allowed Bourges to create two sets of triforiums and clerestories. The lower triforium/clerestory set are located in the far aisle. Interestingly, the triforium and clerestory in these lower sections are not as architecturally detailed as the upper ones. For example note in the picture below how the clerestory on the top section employs three lancet windows and an oculus, while the clerestory below has two rounded lancets and a squat oculus. The triforium on the upper section also has far more columns than the lower one. Inside these inner aisles, o

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