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An environmental activist that is working domestically or internationally to create change.

Identify an environmental activist that is working domestically or internationally to create change.

Research your selected environmental activist.

You need to include the activist’s information, including the following.

Birth date (and death date, if applicable)
Biography, which shows why he or she is considered an activist for environment (a paragraph including information on the following)
How did they get started?
What kinds of visions do they have for environmental change?
What motivates them to continue in the face of adversity?
What do they get out of doing this?
Critical review of activist and their activism
Identify a contemporary environmental movement or success related to the work of this activist.
What actions seem to be most effective? Why?
What barriers did the activist run into? Why? Any recommendations to overcome these barriers?
How did this activist alter the course of the environmental movement?
What contemporary environmental struggles continue the legacy of this activist?
Quotes (at least two)

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