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An ophthalmology practice is deciding whether to offer prescription eyeglasses

An ophthalmology practice is deciding whether to offer prescription eyeglasses for sale in-house. The new service would require training and hiring of additional personnel, inventory for glasses and frames, and some minor space alterations. The utilized space in the office would be a charge allocated to the program. The costs for this new service are:
Variable costs: $80 per completed pair of eyeglasses (electricity, labor, supplies)
Total fixed cost: $36,000
How much volume does the group need to break even if they charge $100 per pair of eyeglasses? If they charge $200?

2 Assume that in the problem above, the total market for eyeglasses in this community is 2,400 pairs. What are the market share percentages they need to break even at a $100 price? A $200 price?
The total market for eyeglasses is 2,400. Now, the consideration of the break-even point shows the amount of market share required to break even.

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s to reduce production costs. The product differentiation is a financial objective, to increase Nike’s profit margins, for example creating new shoes. The cost and differentiation focus in a niche market, Nike uses this to focus on their customers’ needs in this market. Focusing on their customers ranging from ages 15 to 40 (Statista, 2019), in a large demographic sector. Nike has a specific strategy and has high levels of organisational performance within each generic strategy (Allen and Helms, 2006). Bartlett and Ghoshal’s model (Figure 6) represent the strategic options for Nike and the standardization around the world. To strengthen their global strategy Nike are working on investing millions to build capabilities worldwide to support retail performance (Nike News, 2010). However, leaders in retail are being overtaken by media and digital marketing now and in the future. The global and multi-national strategy link, as it explains that Nike wants to expand markets throughout many countries. At this point Nike operates in 120 countries, and their current marketing strategy is to invest in many product promotions like commercials and having sponsorships. For example, Nike has created a basketball, athletic and casual shoe range for former basketball player Michael Jordan (Nike Air Jordan, 2019). However, Nike could expand their global strategy by improving their working conditions in oversea factories, which is used for outsourcing production where the costs are lower (Mallen Baker, 2016). The changing culture of the shifting paradigm shows the management of change and the way we are thinking about the world, by shaping and changing the culture of business (Schein, 1985). For example, being more flexible with organisational cultures. Johnson’s cultural web (Figure 7) demonstrates how Nike’s strategy can be improved. Due to how culture can provide an increase in position for Nike in the sports shoes and apparel sector. Nike was founded in 1964, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight (About Nike, 2019), they have culture, as they value diversity, collaboration and creativity (Jobs Nike, 2019). They also hold strong routines and rituals, as they believe their employees should be rewarded and compensated for performing well. Improvements can be made from looking at figure 7, as Nike holds a matrix organisational structure, which can hold disadvantages. For example, a disadvantage from this structure as there is more than one boss in this large organisation, which can lead to confusions in the organisation. Secondly, as N

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