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Analyzing Communication Climates

Chapter 10 discusses the concept of “communication climates”. Basically, it is a term used to describe the emotional tone of a relationship. Weather metaphors are a helpful way of describing the emotional tone of our relationships and give us an idea of the quality of a relationship without having to do an in-depth analysis. Examples of a communication climate could be something like: “Sunny” for a happy relationship, “Cloudy” for a relationship that is difficult or depressing, “Stormy” if there is a lot of conflict”, etc. Just imagine the weather outside on a given day and how it makes you feel and that is the similar comparison you would make in a relationship.

That being said, below is an activity designed to get you to think about some of the “communication climates” in your own relationships”. Read the questions below and respond with a few sentences answering each of the questions. You will have until Sunday at 11:59pm to complete the activity.

  1. Identify the communication climate of an important interpersonal relationship using weather metaphors like “sunny, gloomy, rainy, calm, etc.
  2. List the communication that created and now maintains that “climate”. List both verbal and non-verbal messages like “complimenting one another”, “listening to each other”, “arguing a lot”, etc.
  3. Describe what you can do to either maintain the climate (if it is positive) or to improve the climate (if it is negative). Again, think about verbal and nonverbal messages like “asking more questions”, “making more eye contact”, “less interrupting”, “more smiling”, etc.

Sample Solution

Additionally, it includes a set of habits, etiquette, and social expectations derived from the home. If students can not relate new information for their experiences, or connect the new material to a comfortable idea, they may perceive the brand new information as irritating or difficult or may dismiss it completely, believing it to be in conflict with their already tenuous understanding of the world (Hemmings, C., 2006). I have witnessed how the Cultural Difference Theory personally affects people. I have family from rural areas that have fallen victim to this theory. While attending school, one of my cousins felt as though everything she was being taught did not relate to her everyday life. She felt like she didn’t have a purpose at school. She felt as though learning about past presidents had nothing to do with her learning how to get a job or how to build her credit so she can get a place of her own. She felt as though the thing she was learning in school was purposeless and in the end, she decided to drop out of school her junior year and began working. My plan to eradicate cultural differences within the classroom would involve me treating each student equally and holding each of them to the same standard. My middle-class students and my working-class students will not receive differentiated treatment solely based on class. My students will not be punished scholastically due to slang, dialects in which they use within the home and in their culture. I plan to educate my students about different words by using pictures and actual items to help my students learn the dialect. I will also make it my mission to learn the diverse cultural backgrounds my students are coming from so that I can develop an understanding of my students and their learning styles in order to develop the best curriculum for their success. This will allow my students to feel inclusive within the learning environment.

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