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Ansoff Matrix Strategic Management Model

Using One strategic management models of the Ansoff Matrix,you are required to conduct a strategic analysis of a product( only one product) for any firm of your choice from anywhere in the world

Research from appropriate websites: preferably the company’s website or any mainstream media channels .

Sample Solution

hese terms of negotiation would help both camps. First, Israel would benefit from long-term secured security and Hamas could benefit from the possibility of establishing a state recognized by the international community. In the case of such an agreement, the issue of holy places and the problem of refugees could be regulated by evacuating Israelis from the West Bank and creating a separation route whose Israeli boundaries do not include the neighboring Arab territories of East Jerusalem, Ariel and the Ma’aleh region Adumin. Returning to Islamic contexts, Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, as we have shown, is forbidden by the Quran and other Islamic laws, and fundamentalism is only a form of extreme manifestation of highly politicized Islamic beliefs and exegetical interpretations Of spiritual leaders. However, the main cause of Islamic terrorism is not the above-mentioned thesis, but rather the social conditions in the area and the Western interference in matters of domestic politics of some states, which has led to the emergence of nationalist feelings and repulsion, intolerance and fanaticism towards newcomers. Therefore, a clear distinction must be made between Islamic beliefs and Islamic fundamentalism, between which there is a deep abyss, both principles and action. Islam in any way does not legitimize attacks or bloodshed against the fundamentalist belief that legitimizes violence, and therefore any association between a Muslim and a suicide bomber must be removed, although prejudices of this kind dominate the Western collective mentality. Although secularization and modernization are often seen by Oriental societies as forms of deviation from the path of Islam, they do not necessarily conflict with the rights and freedoms supported by the Quran and other Islamic laws (the right to life, tolerance, etc.). These steep upgrades in Arab societies have sometimes given the illusion of Islamic extremists of a “conquest,” and the only solution for defending territories is to rise to jihad. Hamas is one of these types of organizations, which struggle not only for the constitution of the Palestinian Islamic state but also for defending the conservative-traditional-nationalist principles mentioned above.

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